Miniature Donkeys

Mediterranean Miniature Donkeys originate from Sicily and Sardinia and are a separate breed of donkey, they were used to turn grinding stones for grain inside houses and carry water from wells. Now almost extinct in their native land they have become popular pets. They come in several colours grey, brown, black, sorrel, spotted, piebald, skewbald and cream.

We brought our first Donkeys in 2006. 4 yearlings and a 2 year old, all Jennies (females), we have had 5 foals since, 4 Jennies and one Jack (male). We have our own Stud Jack now and will probably have to get another one soon to change the genetics.

Just stood for the first time.

Gestation is anything from 11 to 13 months – they have them when they are ready. They are lovely pets, very easy to manage and a joy to own.

Miniature Donkey news

We currently have one Jenny pregnant due in July/August.

We have Donkeys for sale.

RING Barbara on 07801 632044 for DETAILS.